Lifestories Development


We are Lifestories Development

At Lifestories we are a family (literally!)

That is also why we build for families.

This studio was started out of a desire to build software and games that can help make the world better. This shows in how we design our apps and in what we choose to build.

We believe that our apps should adhere to Christian family values. Our apps should be of value to our users and have a positive influence. We have advertisements in our apps to help keep us afloat and let everyone enjoy our apps, but we also try to offer ad free paid versions. Where we have ads we try to filter the ads as best we can to ensure that they are in line with our child safe family values. We also strive to keep the ads to a minimum and not have them interfere with the enjoyment and use of our apps.

Meet the family

Being captain means that Manie needs to design, program , market and maintain our apps. He runs mainly on caffeine and hugs from his crew.

While being a full time teacher, Anchen is the one that keeps Manie going. She advises, supports and motivates him. She also gets asked to draw, play test and do recordings sometimes. Last but not least there's the coffee, lots and lots of coffee...

As well as being able to find every crack in our games, Amelia also lends her voice to many of our apps.

When she is not busy having tea with her dolls, Abigail lends her infectious laugh to our games. She tests our games for fun and reliability